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Maintenance organisation

Maintenance organisation

SIA "K.S. Avia" is a certified small airplane service and maintenance technical organization.

Maintenance occurs according to the following standards:

  • European regulations Part - 145 (small, piston aircrafts)
  • The Republic of Latvia, Cabinet of Ministers, Regulation Nr. 661 (aircraft L-39 maintenance).

Technical maintenance takes place in our companies base airport "Jurmala" / EVJT, however, it is also possible to provide the services in "Riga" airport.

In airport "Jurmala" / EVTJ, maintenance occurs in two heated aircraft hangars which include:

  • Spare part storage,
  • Laboratories,
  • Manufactory
  • Engine, battery and office space.

Aircraft hangers are ensured with all necessary tools and equipment in order to provide both - linear and base maintenance. Due to certified personnel and aviation mechanics it is possible to ensure a high standard aircraft service. Expert visits to on - site AOF (Aircraft on ground) situations are provided, as well as supply of spare parts.

Regarding "Riga" airport, our company offers the possibility for small aircraft owners to park in a private hangar, as well as a long term hangar rent.